A positive outcome in the Cyprus peace talks requires the substantive contribution of Turkey at the negotiating table, Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides has said.


The Spokesman, who accompanies President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiades at the World Economic Forum in Davos, told journalists that the President`s contacts in Davos included three goals. Firstly, to clarify the state of play as regards the Cyprus issue, secondly, to hold meetings related to Cyprus` energy plans and thirdly to meet with economic stakeholders in an attempt to attract more investments after Cyprus exists the Troika`s economic adjustment program.


The Cypriot President`s meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki – moon in Davos was a great opportunity to clarify and present the current state of play regarding all issues concerning the Cyprus talks, he said.


“Especially at this current juncture, the outcome of the meeting and the conversation they had have demonstrated how necessary it was for this meeting to take place”, Christodoulides added.


Asked about the messages, which President Anastasiades asked US Vice President Joe Biden during their meeting in Davos, to convey to Turkey, the Spokesman said that they concern “very specific messages related to those aspects of the Cyprus talks, which we all know – as does the American Vice President as well – that the decisions will be taken in Ankara.”


In the efforts to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, all issues should be discussed and there should be answers to all issues, he said, stressing that “a positive outcome requires the substantial contribution of Turkey.”


He also pointed out that the contacts at the Swiss resort did not, under any circumstances, upgrade the Turkish Cypriot occupation regime in the northern areas of the Republic.


Meanwhile, referring to the meeting the Cypriot President held today in Davos with Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras, he said that the President briefed the Greek PM on the recent developments of the Cyprus problem, the outcome of his meetings with the UNSG and the US Vice President and that they exchanged views on the next steps.


In addition, he said they discussed about the forthcoming tripartite meeting that will take place on the 28th of January in Nicosia between the heads of state and government of Cyprus, Greece and Israel.


The Spokesman noted that the Cypriot President also held meetings with the heads of the enegry companies ENI and TOTAL adding that during those `very important` meetings the companies reaffirmed their interest in further continuing their activities in Cyprus` Exclusive Economic Zone.


`It is a very important development and considering the international oil prices, is a clear vote of confidence in the Cypriot EEZ. In this context we should soon expect developments related to the implementation of the Republic`s energy plan”, he stressed.


The Spokesman said that the energy issue was also discussed during the President`s meeting with the US Vice President.


`Washington supports the Cyprus Republic`s energy plans, understands the added value which comes through synergies that are created in our region and the role that energy can play for the Eastern Mediterranean, but also for Europe” he pointed out.


He also said that the President held a series of meetings with financial stakeholders among which the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


UN-led peace talks are currently underway to find a negotiated settlement that would reunite Cyprus, divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion, under a federal roof

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