A Turkish Cypriot couple which is being tried at an illegal court in Turkish occupied Famagusta for flying the flag of the Republic of Cyprus outside their shop, was attacked by the extremist group “Grey Wolves” as they arrived for the hearing on Thursday.

Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin flew the flag of the Republic of Cyprus outside their shop in Famagusta in June 2013 and have since been persecuted by authorities in the illegal regime. They were arrested after complaints from other shopkeepers.

“We do not recognise the breakaway regime in the north and we don’t recognise its flag; the only flag we recognise is that of the Republic of Cyprus… and this flag intimidates those coming from Turkey,” Basdogrultmaci was quoted as saying.

The couple have been received by Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades last month who pledged support for their cause.

According to reports from the occupied areas, when the couple arrived at the court in Famagusta, a group of nationalists bearing flags of the illegal regime and Turkey, chanted slogans such as “Cyprus is Turkish and will remain Turkish”, “We can return at night without warning” and other.

When  Basdogrultmaci unfolded a flag of the Republic of Cyprus, the extremists attacked him as his wife Senem shouted she would not return the flag. Police of the illegal regime helped the couple enter the court. After the hearing, only a few extremists were outside the building.

Kyrenia Mayor Glafcos Kariolou, who was among the Greek Cypriots outside the court pledging their support to the Turkish Cypriot couple, told CNA when the Grey Wolves attacked Basdogrultmaci  to remove the Cypriot flag, the latter held on to it with pride while his wife who confronted the attackers never let go of the Republic of Cyprus flag. He also said the Turkish Cypriot couple is fighting for Cyprus.

The `hearing`  will continue today and next week.

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