Ozersay claimed that the Cyprus settlement is not in the agenda of the Greek Cypriot side
Turkish Cypriot daily Kibrisli (29.05.15) reports that Kudret Ozersay, in an interview with the paper, claimed that the Cyprus settlement is not in the agenda of the Greek Cypriot side. He said that if the life of the Greek Cypriots could continue without a solution, then the Cyprus problem won’t be the first issue. The negotiations process does not move forward easily because the two sides comprehend different things from the solution. Ozersay said that the Turkish Cypriot side had to stop the activities for the natural gas in order the Cyprus talks to be resumed and wonders if it is just the Greek Cypriot side to continue its activities.

Commenting on the issue that it may be a quick Cyprus settlement, Ozersay said that it is more important how the solution will be than whether it is quick or not. He stressed that both sides should be able to assimilate the solution. Ozersay further said: “Behind the solution, there should be a formation of serious trust. Both sides have different needs for the solution and this issue is very important”. Ozersay also added that the lack of trust between the two sides is reflected at the negotiations.

Referring to the guarantees issue, Ozersay said: “If the Turkish Cypriot side does not touch the guarantee issue, then the opposite site should also continue in the same way on the issue. It is important what the Turkish Cypriot side thinks and wants. Of course, the Greek Cypriot side would have submitted the guarantee issue at the negotiating table, but it is not an issue that the Turkish Cypriot side stresses.”

Ozersay reiterated that he did not promise that he will establish a political party, adding that parties should serve the community interest and not the personal one.

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