A father and his teenage son have been arrested following a road traffic accident that left a delivery man dead on Monday night.

According to Nicosia Traffic Police Chief Philipos Papaelia, the accident occurred at 9.35pm and involved an underage driver who had cut off a 23-year-old motorcyclist when he attempted to turn into Ayios Andreas Avenue from Kantaras Avenue in Nicosia. The 17-year-old’s car collided with the food delivery motorcycle resulting in the death of Panagiotis Eleftheriades from Kaimakli.

The teenager – who had a 19-year-old passenger in his car – then fled the scene, according to police investigators.

“We, unfortunately, had another road death on Monday night,” he told state radio. “The exact circumstances of the incident are still under investigation but it is believed at this stage that the inexperience of the driver caused this crash. The motorcyclist died as a result of his serious injuries.”

“The owner of the car, which happened to be the driver’s father, later turned up at the police station and said that he was the one driving. We investigated further found out that this was not the case. We questioned his son who quickly admitted that he was behind the wheel. Both the father and the son were placed under arrest.”

He added: “Those who always cry first in such circumstances are the parents. This is a special warning to car owners or parents. Please be extra careful and take precautions to prevent children from taking vehicles.

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