Limassol police have arrested four men after the discovery of two luxury vehicles thought to have been stolen in the UK.
Police said one of the suspects, 27, has been remanded in custody for four days while the other three, aged 68, 40 and 31, were expected to be charged in writing and released.
The cars were located at the village of Trahoni after an operation carried out in co-operation with the British bases police, which has jurisdiction in the area.
With the help of the dealership, authorities determined that the chassis numbers had been changed. Through Interpol, police found out that the cars had been stolen in the UK.
“Some of the individuals arrested now appear to be involved in other cases under investigation in Larnaca and Limassol,” Limassol police spokesman Marinos Vasiliou said.
The vehicles had been imported from Greece. Police were checking the registration certificates to determine whether they were genuine.
Vasiliou said “it appears it is an organised ring made up of various groups of individuals who may have spotted loopholes in the law or have other arrangements in place that allow them to import stolen cars from abroad.”
Limassol police have so far found eight stolen cars that were imported to Cyprus.

Cyprus Mail

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