ARMED ROBBERS rammed a car carrying cash, beat up two security guards and stole €178,000 in Limassol in broad daylight on Monday.

The men then doused their vehicle with flammable liquid and torched it before fleeing the scene on a large motorcycle that was parked nearby.

The robbery took place at 12.15pm.

The cash belonged to a Yermasoyia supermarket and represented the proceeds of the past few days.

The security guards had just picked up the bag and were leaving in an ordinary car when they were rammed by the robbers who had their faces covered with bandanas.

Wielding a sawn off hunting shotgun, one of the perpetrators demanded the guards get out of their car.

Police said the man spoke Greek with a Cypriot dialect.

The robbers hit the guards and after snatching the cash they doused their vehicle with flammable fluid and set it alight before fleeing on a large motorcycle that was parked nearby.

The guards were taken to hospital for treatment. Their injuries were not serious, police said.

The fire was put out by the fire service while police launched a manhunt for the robbers’ arrest.

It is the second time robbers have targeted the Yermasoyia supermarket as it transferred cash and authorities suspect it could be the same people.

In May, two robbers shot and injured a security guard during an attempt to steal the proceeds.

The guards resisted, resulting in one getting shot in the right thigh and the would-be robbers fleeing empty handed.

Police said they were also looking into why the company had not been using an armoured vehicle for the transfer which apparently violated the conditions of its permit.

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