Statement by the regime on the violation of the buffer zone by the Turkish army and Turkish Cypriot farmers in occupied Zodia area
Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (29.11.13) reports that Ramazan Biryilmaz, director of the so-called housing and rehabilitation department of the breakaway regime in the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus, has said that around three thousand donums of land [Translator’s note: a donum is a land measure of about 1000 square meters] had been leased to 55-66 Turkish Cypriot farmers in the occupied areas of Zodia, Kutrafas and Petra villages and added that these farmers cultivate fields “in the area north of the UN”.

He said that Greek Cypriots cultivate fields in the area “south of the UN” and argued that the Turkish Cypriot farmers grow their plants “in their own area with permission given by the army” and there “is absolutely no violation”.

Noting that tension exists in the buffer zone in Zodia, the paper writes that on Saturday, 7 December the Cyprus Farmers Union (EKA) will organize a protest at the barricade of occupied Zodia under the slogan “Together United”. According to the paper, the general secretary of EKA, Panikkos Hambas has issued a statement noting that after the agreement of demining the buffer zone in the area, the Greek Cypriot farmers could not cultivate their fields 200 meters in front of the positions of the Turkish army and that Turkish Cypriot farmers started using these fields. He said that during their protest, they will return to their land with tractors. EKA points out that the property rights in the buffer zone belong to the Greek Cypriots and that the Turkish army violated the agreement of demining the buffer zone by giving the fields to Turkish Cypriot farmers, notes Yeni Duzen

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