The Family Theodorou was surprised after receiving family photos and personal things from their hometown, Famagusta, located in the Turkish occupied area of Cyprus.

After a long time, their personal things that had a special sentimental value, such as a wedding dress, family photos and relics were returned to them. These belongings are connected to their memories and essentially their whole life.

They said that they have mixed feelings when looking over wedding and family photos with their children Christopher and Mihalis. Most of all they feel bitterness.

They finally received the wedding dress along with other possessions in an extraordinary way. All these things were returned very carefully to the family as their home was in the occupied area of Kato Varosion in Cyprus.

George and Marina Theodorou married July 14, 1973. After forty years of marriage, the wedding dress takes them on a journey back in time. Although these possessions brought back many memories, their heart and soul will always belong to Famagusta

Greek Reporter

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  1. Refugee says:

    Bitter sweet story. Memories is all we have to hold onto. Treasure your return belongings with love. Happy 40th anniversary x

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