Photographs of the Cypriot football team Apollon Limassol touring the Sumela Monastry in Turkey’s Trabzon province have been released. The team, which was in Trabzon for a match with Turkey’s Trabzonspor on November 27, is well-known for its ties with Greek nationalism.

The team took a tour of the ancient 1,600 year old Orthodox Christian monastery, which was reopened for Christian monks by Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2010 after it had been shut down by the Turkish government in 1923 after a population exchange agreement with Greece saw Christians in Anatolia swapped with Muslims in Greece, leaving the monastery abandoned.

What is interesting is the fact that none of the photographs feature the team sporting the flag of  Cyprus. Instead, the team chose to unveil the Greece flag.

While peace talks aim to unite the two communities in Cyprus, the insistence of Apollon on the Greece flag instead of their own Cyprus flag raises the suspicions of Turkish Cypriots who still fear that their Greek Cypriot counterparts still dream of uniting the island with Greece, a dream otherwise known as ‘enosis’. The same in the occupied part of Cyprus where they wave the Turkey flag. The Republic of Cyprus is one state and Greece and Turkey are separate states so lets just see the Cyprus flag waved by both communites and not the flags of other states it will help to make a solution between both Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities.


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