Black Friday – yeah, that went well!

Shoppers ended up with a bit more than they bargained for after an apparent punch up over cheaper television prices.

A shopper was restrained after an argument at Asda in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. Onlookers said the man was tackled by security guards after trying to buy two 60 inch televisions.


Black Friday: One shopper ended up in a confrontation over two televisions

Hundreds of shoppers also rushed to snap up cut price electrical bargains at Asda in Benton, North Tyneside. Crowds were watering at the mouth from 8am for discounted good as part of Asda’s #asdablackfriday frenzy.

According to the BBC the name was originally used in September 1869, when two gold speculators attempted to own the entire market on the New York Stock Exchange. They failed.

The result was a government intervention which involved flooding the market with gold, prices plummeted and many investors lost sizable fortunes.

Now it refers to the biggest shopping day of the year. The craze has spread from the US, to Canada and now to Europe.


Shoppers at Asda in Newcastle get all stressed out about cheaper goods

In the US fights “erupted” in more than one Walmart discount department store, reported

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