US grandmother, Diana Costarakis was arrested last week after attempting to hire a hitman to kill her daughter-in-law.
The thrifty 70-year-old even tried to negotiate the price, saying the hitman – an undercover sheriff – was free to take expensive jewelry off the daughter-in-law after the killing. The woman was so adamant that her daughter needed to be killed that she told the undercover detective “If you don’t, I will”.
The police report says Costarakis claimed her daughter-in-law was a drunk and a bad mother to her 6-year-old granddaughter.
She claimed Angela Costarakis was preparing to take the little girl and move in with a boyfriend in Denver.
She says she never knew her mother-in-law was upset with her.
“I guess if I was out of the way she could have her son and her granddaughter,” she told American media.
Diana Costarakis was charged with criminal solicitation, and criminal conspiracy.

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