A Russian tourist died on Sunday after he was hit by a speedboat while swimming in the Coral Bay area.

Konstantin Maltsev, 35, was swimming with his 63-year-old father when they were both hit by a speedboat at about 12.30pm.

Cyprus News Agency (CNA) said the two men were about a kilometre from the shore, outside the designated area for swimmers, which was marked by buoys.

They were hit by a speedboat pulling a dinghy which carried two tourists.

The35-year-old speedboat driver said he heard a loud noise followed by someone screaming a few seconds after.

The 35-year-old went back, picked up the two men and carried them to shore.

Konstantin Maltsev was visibly wounded across his left hand side, from his forehead to his thigh. He was declared dead on arrival at Paphos hospital.

His father was given first aid and released on the same-day.

An alcoltest on the speedboat’s driver came out negative, but he was arrested on Sunday to help with police investigations.

Konstantin had arrived to Cyprus with his parents and brother on September 29.

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  1. This is not good news, but seems like it was a tragic accident with two adventurous people not understanding or thinking about safety protocol.

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