Ms Killshaw-Laing said: “There was this horrendous crashing sound… the dogs were barking so I went to the window and looked out and this huge tree just landed on top of my parents’ car.

“I was in a panic… I’m just staying here for the night, I was here to tidy their front garden, how ironic.

“We’ve had to have chainsaws to saw the whole thing up and remove it, but the caravan flipped over next door.”

High winds also damaged properties several miles away in Gosport.

Gaynor Wood, who lives there, said: “The wind sucked the loft hatch cover into the roof space, slammed the bedroom doors and shut the window.

Strong gusts

“It was over very quickly and seems to have been extremely isolated – our house is semi-detached and yet the neighbours don’t seem to have been hit.

“The tiles bounced off the roof, scraped the front of the house and damaged two cars in the drive.

“My husband’s brand new car has had its roof pierced by roof tiles.”

Ian Hoult, head of emergency planning at Hampshire County Council, said a number of roofs had been damaged and trees uprooted.

He said: “Fortunately we don’t know of anyone being hurt, but it’s an interesting situation for a Sunday morning.”

BBC Weather’s Emma Boorman said heavy and thundery showers had moved across the area and gusts of between 45 mph and 50 mph were reported.

She added: “The damage reported in Hayling Island is consistent with what you might expect from a small tornado, which is feasible in this weather situation.”

One or two tornados are typically reported along England’s south coast each year, BBC Weather said.


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