The result of DNA profiling proved the allegations of the 43-year-old woman who claimed to be the biological mother of the child found in North Aegean in Mytilene, to be true.

This result was identified by DNA method in the laboratories of Accredited Calibration Laboratories. The two and a half month old baby was found on October 23rd, in Roma camp in Mytilene.

The biological mother is a 43-year-old lives in Ano Liosia in Athens and declared that she was child’s mother from the beginning of the identification procedure. She also has four other children.

On Friday, the woman went to Attica Security in order to give a DNA sample and then she left. She claimed that she left her baby in Mytilene with a couple who are relatives of her husband.  She said she did this in order to overcome family problems, and has finally been vindicated by DNA result.

Greek Reporter

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