President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades said Tuesday the creation of a new state model that meets the needs of the new era and can tackle the weaknesses of the past, is one of the biggest challenges Cyprus is facing.
Undoubtedly, he said, this will significantly improve the citizens’ quality of life.
In a speech during the opening ceremony of the Education and Cultural Centre of the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK), Anastasiades said that “our aim remains to reduce administrative burden and delays that are associated with development, something that greatly interests ETEK and its members”.
He noted the active and constructive participation of ETEK in the dialogue to prepare proposals for the re-launch of the economy, by submitting proposals to simplify procedures to grant licenses and monitor development, proposals to combat unemployment in the construction sector and upgrading the energy efficiency of public buildings without cost.
President Anastasiades further said that development is a necessary prerequisite to come out of the crisis and pointed out that for development to have any meaning, it should be viable and create an additional value by promoting productivity and improving the quality characteristics of the sectors that will receive support.
“We have to seriously and persistently tackle the problems created by bureaucracy”, he added.
The ETEK Educational and Cultural Centre, he added, was finally completed due to the persistence and determination of the ETEK leadership, despite the serious economic losses, which the chamber underwent due to the economic crisis.
He also said the Centre will contribute in upgrading and boosting the old walled city of Nicosia.

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