Political pressures are exerted on the Turkish Cypriot “football federation’s” chairman prior to his meeting with CFA, UEFA and FIFA Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (22.10.13) reports that Hasan Sertoglu, chairman of the so-called Turkish Cypriot football federation, has said that politicians started exerting pressures on him since the date of his “federation’s” meeting with the Cyprus Football Association (CFA), UEFA and FIFA, which will be held in Zurich on 5 November, was announced.

In statements to Kibris TV, Sertoglu noted that the pressures are exerted “in an unbelievable manner” and added that they decided to turn off their phones, because of this. He accused politicians of seeing football clubs as “potential votes” and called on them to submit alternative proposals, if they have any.

Sertoglu said that they are continuing their preparations for the meeting of the 5th of November and added that an agreement could not be exactly as either side wants it to be. He noted that the draft of the text will be very detailed. He went on and revealed that “two details” included in it are that this will be a “provisional agreement” and that “it will not constitute a precedent”. He said that they will wait and see what will be submitted to them and added that the club members of the “federation” will also have to approve this agreement.

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