Police have issued an appeal for calm after reports of an attempted abduction in the borough sparked parental panic over fears of a linked series of attacks.

As reported last week, on the afternoon of September 22 three men driving a silver transit van along Agricola Place, in Bush Hill Park, tried to lure a nine-year-old girl into the back of the vehicle.

The youngster managed to escape and was able to give the police a detailed description of her attempted kidnappers, who were described as “of eastern European appearance”.

There have been no arrests in connection to the incident, which has generated an unprecedented number of hits on the Parikiaki’s website.

A letter from Sergeant Neil Standring, issued to parents and schools in the Bush Hill Park area and widely circulated by community website Love Your DoorStep, said there had been a number of “Stranger Danger” incidents “as well as indecency incidents”.

His letter said that four reports were being investigated by the police, but added that they are not thought to be connected and he was asking safer schools and safer neighbourhood officers “to have a presence in the vicinity of schools”.

The previous week on the website, a post about sixth formers being approached by a man outside Chace Community School, in Churchbury Lane, Enfield, also informed readers that police patrols had been increased in the area.

Borough police commander Jane Johnson has now issued a statement in which she has stressed that as far as police are aware, last month’s attempted abduction was an isolated incident, despite the sudden increase in reports of suspicious behaviour around schools.

Chief Superintendent Johnson said: “Having carefully considered the circumstances, on balance, we have agreed that it was the right thing to do to inform parents and pupils.

“We are committed to the safety of residents and visitors in Enfield and Sergeant Standring’s letter provides guidance to parents and pupils and general advice on safety.

“As a result of publicity we have received a number of further calls connected to suspicious activity and these are being dealt with in isolation rather than as part of a similar series.”

Love Your DoorStep founder Emma Rigby said: “Understandably, there has been a misunderstanding about the connectedness of the incidents reported in Bush Hill Park and Chace Community School.

“We do a get lot of posts on Love Your DoorStep about crime and these are not put through on our platform until we have the facts from our local police officers.”

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