Three casinos are set to operate on the island, under a single investor, members of the Coordinating Committee of Parties and Organizations of Paphos said after a meeting Monday with President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades.

In July, the Cabinet announced it would be granting a licence for an integrated casino resort rather than hand out several licences for smaller operations.

Today, Savvas Vergas, Mayor of the western coastal town of Paphos and chairman of the Coordinating Committee said they were satisfied with what they heard from the President.

“The investor will be allowed to determine the site of the casino-resort. At today’s meeting, we received assurances from the President himself that the investor will have the right to open one casino and two branches in other districts,” he said, invited to comment on the Cabinet decision for one casino resort and one licence.

President of the Paphos Chamber of Commerce and Industry George Leptos said “it is clear that the government is willing to allow the investor of the integrated casino-resort to operate another two smaller casinos in other areas, away from the main resort”.

This way, he added, tourist districts will not be affected by the presence of the casino-resort in a single district.

Vergas also said that in the near future an advisor will be appointed to draw up the conditions for the procedure to be announced to find the investor.

The Council of Ministers decided in July to grant one license for an integrated casino resort. Government Spokesman Christos Stylianides had announced that the licensing procedure will start immediately on a “fast-track” basis and will be completed in 12 months “because the country`s economic and tourist development needs a casino with specifications of the same standards as those of the big casinos around the world”.

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