ICE cream maker Alessandra Siciliani got into a bit of a froth teaching heartthrob Peter Andre to fill a cone.

The singer and TV presenter turned up in Hobleythick Lane, Southend, to film an episode of ITVs 60 Minute Makeover.

Alessandra, 29, owner of Gelato Italia, in West Road, Shoebury, was asked by a friend to provide an ice cream van for the show but had no idea what she was getting into.

She said: “I have a friend who works for ITV, who said someone needed an ice cream van for 60-minute Makeover. I thought it would just be to serve the crew, but Peter Andre appeared and asked to be shown how to use the ice cream maker.I put my hand on his to guide him as he made a couple, but they were a mess.

“He wasn’t how I expected really. You think celebrities are going to be fairly stuckup, but he wasn’t a bit like that. He was really nice.”

Alessandra said she offered him a huge ice cream, but he refused, saying it was too fattening for him.

She added: “I got him to accept a small vanilla ice in the end, though, and he really liked it. He asked if he could have a couple of slush cups for his kids, because they love them.

“He made a real mess though – Itold him not to give up his day job!”

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