Financial Crime auditors made 3,000 targeted audits carried out during July, August, September.

Among the tax evasion cases was also the case of a well-known Greek singer who neglected to declare taxes for an income of 2,793,955 euros.

Moreover, the auditors identified 60 business cases in Attica who have taken or issued false invoices amounting to 99 million euros having resulted in either not paying the VAT of 13.6 million, or to offset and take back VAT reaching 10,050,000 euros.

In regards to the issuance of false invoices, the trade enterprises with building materials, retail, advertising businesses, construction companies and clothing companies are the most common tax evadors.

The audits also revealed 19 cases (poultry breeding companies, pastry shops, business excavation companies etc.) which were involved in virtual transactions amounting to 19,500,000 euros. In these cases the amount of damage to the state reached the 4,485,000 euros.

As part of the Special Audit of the Operational Headquarters of Athens, the financial Crime officers fined two construction companies in Athens and Patras as well as two building material merchants in East Attica. The fines reached 13,694,000 euros.

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