In view of the upcoming peace talks the Government is preparing the basis on which they will be launched and makes moves to reveal its real intentions and its willingness to take bold steps, Defence Minister Photis Photiou has said.

There is a new dynamic in the international scene related to the Cyprus issue, Photiou said on Sunday.

Speaking during a commemoration ceremony of two EOKA heroes killed during the 1955-1959 struggle against British colonial rule, Photiou noted Cyprus’ stabilising role in the region and the Government’s strategy aiming to hold Turkey accountable for the Cyprus problem.

The Defence Minister sent the message that “although we are willing to hold substantive talks as soon as possible, we will not accept strict timeframes or deviate from our principles, which will be set as our side’s red lines, because we believe in a viable solution, which will provide safety to our people and prospects for prosperity to future generations and because we believe in the continuity of the Republic, which must be preserved,” Photiou noted.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. Previous UN led efforts to reunite the country have failed. A fresh round of talks is expected to resume in the autumn

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