Girl, nine, hid in flats after three men attempted to kidnap her in Bush Hill Park, Enfield

A girl has been left traumatised after an attempted abduction.

Police are appealing for witnesses following an attempt by three men to kidnap a nine-year-old girl on Sunday, September 22, at the junction of Main Avenue and Agricola Place in Bush Hill Park, Enfield.

The girl was playing in a children’s play area close to her home when, at approximately 6.35pm, she received a phone call from her grandparents to come home.

On her way back, a large silver Transit-style van stopped and three Eastern European-looking men got out and shouted at the victim to get into the van.

Terrified, the girl hid in a stairwell of flats nearby before running home.

Both family and child have been affected by the incident, with the girl refusing to leave her school during the day and home at night.

The suspects were driving a silver van similar to a Ford Transit Jumbo XLWB. The vehicle drove off along Lincoln Road towards Enfield town.

If anyone has any information, please call Detective Constable Robert Hood from the CID Unit at Enfield Police on 020 8345 4340. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111

13 Responses to Girl nine attempted kidnap in Bush Hill Park, Enfield

  1. Jordan says:

    sickos just shows nobodys safe nowhere!!

  2. richard mellon says:

    If they know the reg they would get the van before it happens to another little girl

  3. tez says:

    Same happened to my daughter 5 years ago and police did not attend for 3 days waste of time

  4. Essman says:

    I hope they get caught by someone like me. Then no police be invoked Kill them 3 shots

  5. police to bizy raiding small cannabis grows to care about real work, sik sik sik times need to change

  6. Billy gudgeon says:

    And why didn’t they release the number plate ?

  7. Wendy bell says:

    What does an ‘eastern European’ look like?

  8. Maria says:

    Agree with all the above but remind me what a nine year was doing out of her house at 6.30 pm alone …….

  9. paul says:

    Exactly my point maria, although its not right for people trying to abduct a child yet unfortunately we have evil in our life and and we have to be cautious letting a 9 year old out on her own at nightfall too is serious neglect and hopefully the parents or guardians will take more care in the future

  10. matt says:

    that’s Hadrian’s ride, I lived there

  11. Kevin says:

    I grew up in Bush Hill Park 30+ years ago. Two men tried to abducting me in a van near chase side when I was a teenager. I reported it to the police but it wasn’t in the newspapers, and I heard nothing more after.

  12. Ang says:

    We need to know Reg number please. Would be very helpful when looking out. Agree with above comments. I still hold my 9 year old’s hand to cross the road. Will not let him play in street or go corner shop or park alone. I’m overprotective where I need to be, there’s so much evil out there.

  13. Find these scum bags and cut there heads off send out a message to anyone who thinks it’s safe to steal our children

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