TZIVERTI honey from Cyprus was named the best honey in th world at the World Beekeeping Awards 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine.

The honey, produced by Honeymell Z.P. Ltd in Larnaca, entered two of the six categories at the event and won first place for both. It then went on to be crowned the best honey in the world.

A total of 112 honey samples were entered from 25 countries. One hundred medals were distributed, including 41 gold, 31 silver and 28 bronze.

Tziverti honey has been awarded in European and international competitions in the past.

Honeymell Z.P.Ltd owns 1,600 bee hives and is active in the production and bottling of Cypriot honey under the brand name Tziverti. The company also imports and bottles honey under the brand name Melissanthi.

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