The solution of the Cyprus problem must recognize the right of displaced Cypriots to return to their homes, on the basis of international and European law, President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades stressed Friday.

 In his address at the opening of an exhibition of the Turkish occupied Municipality of Kyrenia, he said that this northern coastal town in the island of Cyprus is for 39 years now a synonym for struggle, justice, reunification and restoration of human rights.

The solution, he said, must take into consideration and exploit the new strategic developments in Cyprus and the region as well as Cyprus’ status as full EU member state.

“Our duty is to continue the struggle for a just, viable and functional solution that would restore fundamental freedoms and human rights for all Cypriots, including the right to return”, he stressed.

In addition, President Anastasiades underscored that “our position is that any settlement relating to the refugees and the property issue should be in line with the provisions of the European Convention of Human Rights”.

“Our strategy is that the solution of the Cyprus problem must be in line with  international law, the European principles and values and the EU law, and the Cypriot state must have a single sovereignty, international personality and citizenship”, he pointed out.

Furthermore, he noted that the solution must put an end to the Turkish occupation of Cyprus and allow Cypriots live together in a prosperous country.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. Previous UN led efforts to reunite the country have failed. A fresh round of talks is expected to resume in the autumn

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