Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades expressed confidence that shipping will not only retain, but also advance its leading role towards achieving growth and attracting foreign investment in Cyprus, amid the current economic climate.

He assured of his government’s commitment towards this cause, saying it will offer any help deemed necessary, especially in facilitating cooperation between public and private sectors, related to the shipping industry.

The President of the Republic was addressing a reception at the Presidential Palace, in Nicosia, marking the opening of the “Maritime Cyprus 2013” conference.

He noted that Cyprus has a long-standing tradition as a renowned International Maritime Centre, combining a Sovereign flag and a resident Shipping Industry with high quality services and standards of safety and security.

He said that the island’s international ship register is the third largest in Europe and the tenth largest in the world, while Cyprus is also one of the largest ship-management centers worldwide and the largest in Europe.

The President congratulated the Ministry of Communications and Works, which is organizing the conference in cooperation with the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and the Cyprus Union of Shipowners.

He said the Conference is an opportunity for the participants to become familiar with the competitive advantages of Cyprus’ maritime sector, including a favourable tax regime and a highly professional skilled workforce, which has allowed Cyprus to play an important role as an international shipping centre.

This year’s Conference is the thirteenth to take place since it was first established in 1989.

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