The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, in a joint statement, express their strong belief that a comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem will bring considerable benefits to all sectors of the economy and consequently enhance the welfare and prosperity of  all Cypriots

“The Cyprus problem can no longer be left unresolved as this situation benefits neither the Greek Cypriots nor the Turkish Cypriots. Therefore, we urge both leaders to intensify their efforts to reach a fair and sustainable solution as soon as possible,” the statement notes.

In order to address the fears and concerns of all the people and involve them in the peace process, it adds, “it is our sincere conviction that the political talks should be supported and complemented through the active consultation of the business communities, the social partners and civil society on the island.”

“The two Chambers express their commitment to contribute to the process and are ready to support the efforts of the political leadership. A comprehensive solution will bring economic benefits to both communities while the continuation of the existing stalemateinhibits the improvement of the present economic situation”, the statement concludes.

Cyprus has been divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion. UN-led talks are expected to resume in the coming weeks with a view to finding a negotiated settlement to reunite the country.

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