Bank of Cyprus has announced the composition of the Board Committees, as announced in the Annual Financial Report for the year 2012 dated 10 October 2012.

According to the announcement the composition of the Board Committees is the following:

Audit Committee: Ioannis Zographakis (Chairperson), Anjelica Anshakova, Konstantinos Katsaros, Xanthos Vrachas, Andreas Yiasemides.

Risk Committee: Vladimir Strzhalkovskiy (Chairperson), Anjelica Anshakova, Dmitry Chichikashvili, Marinos Gialeli, Xanthos Vrachas, Ioannis Zographakis.

Remuneration Committee: Marios Yiannas (Chairperson), Marios Kalochoritis.

Nominations and Corporate Governance Committee: Christis Hassapis (Chairperson), Marinos Gialeli ,Marios Kalochoritis, Konstantinos Katsaros, Marios Yiannas, Andreas Yiasemides.

Strategy and Restructuring Committee: Andreas Yiasemides (Chairperson), Anjelica Anshakova, Dmitry Chichikashvili, Marios Kalochoritis, Konstantinos Katsaros, Adonis Papaconstantinou, Xanthos Vrachas ,Marios Yiannas, Ioannis Zographakis.

Konstantinos Katsaros has been appointed Senior Independent Director, the announcement said.

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