Turkey’s ambassador to the European Union has once again spoken about the Cyprus issue, hushing rumors that the Turkish Cypriot community is preparing to give up land to the Greek Cypriot administration. This speech comes as Germany offers its support for renewed talks between Turkey and the European Union.

The Cyprus issue has long been a thorn in Turkey’s side, acting as an obstacle for them in their bid to join the European Union. Turkey used its right as a guarantor of peace after a coup lead by Greek Cypriot extremist Nikos Sampson ousted the constitutional government of Cyprus in 1974. In a bid to separate the two warring communities of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, Turkey positioned its troops in the northern half of the island, where they have been stationed since. While Turkish Cypriots fled to the north, Greek Cypriots in the north fled south.

Deemed as an illegal occupation by the Greek Cypriot government in the south, as well as by the EU, there has been mounting pressure for Turkey to pull out of Cyprus completely. However, Turkey have been refusing to withdraw until a suitable peace plan has been agreed to by the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot administrations. Turkey has constantly accused the Greek Cypriot authorities of pulling out and sabotaging the peace talks.

However, as peace talks set to resume in November once again promise a breakthrough to the forty-year problem, rumors that the unrecognized occupied Cyprus are preparing to handover the district of Famagusta to the Greek Cypriots have become widespread.

On the contrary, the Turkish ambassador to the EU, Egemen Bagis has been quoted as saying ‘we will not give up a single inch of land.’

Speaking to the Yeni Safak newspaper, Bagis said: ‘If today we are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the Cyprus issue, this is thanks to the diplomatic efforts of the Turkish Cypriot community.’

Reassuring Turkey’s commitment to the peace process, he said ‘the same way Turkey was never the one to leave the table and abandon the solution in the past; we will also never be the one to do so today or from this point onwards. A Cyprus cut in half will neither be of benefit to the Cypriots nor the EU.’

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  1. Buildings that have been left to rot and land that has been neglected serve no one and no purpose Mr. Bagis. Put your ego aside and look at the wider picture. We are looking here at unity and restoration not continued dilapidation – an eyesore for Cyprus and a missed opportunity for magnamity. Put a woman in charge in what I say! Would you prefer to deal with Mrs. Erato Kazakou-Marcoullis?

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