UNITED NATIONS, September 28 — After meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday afternoon, Dervis Eroglu spoke at the UN stakeout, then across the street at the Turkish Center.

In the UN, he was referred to as “Turkish Cypriot leader.” Across the street, he was “President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

Inner City Press asked Eroglu about the proposal by Cyprus president Nicos Anastasiades for what he called the “ghost city of Famagusta.”

Eroglu’s response, calling it Varosha, was that Anastasiades had jumped the gun.

Inner City Press asked Eroglu what impact he thought Cyprus’ financial crisis and bail-in had on the dispute under negotiation now for 45 years. Eroglu said that Anastasiades’ Varosha proposal was meat to divert the Greek Cypriots from the real problems. He confirmed that his side played no role in talks with the IMF.

As in previous years, Inner City Press asked Eroglu to review and grade the performance of UN “good offices” envoy Alexander Downer, who in this year made moves to head a political party in Australia. Eroglu offered no grade. And that may say it all. 

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