Turkish Cypriot daily argues that the occupied fenced city of Varosha is expected to be returned by the end of the year
Under the title “Varosha is ok”, Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (09.09.13) alleges that the return of the occupied fenced city of Varosha has become definite and that this is expected to happen before the end of the year. The paper argues that the initiatives of the Greek Cypriot side towards the USA and the EU have given results.

“After an instruction from the USA to Turkey and from Turkey to Cyprus, the Turkish side started to prepare itself for the return of Varosha”, claims Afrika adding that “Eroglu, who has informed his close circle regarding the issue, is in the mood of ‘let us snatch whatever we can’”.

The paper writes, inter alia, the following: “The return of Varosha will be the issue which will be urgently discussed at the very beginning of the negotiations that are expected to begin in October. The words of those who say that ‘Varosha is a part of the comprehensive solution’ were left in suspense. The target is to reach a comprehensive solution through a step by step resolution of the various aspects. Just like it could contribute to the comprehensive solution, the opening of Varosha will be useful for the revival of the economy of both sides which are in crisis”.
Afrika comments on the issue in its column “Letter from Afrika” under the title “Varosha is being opened on conditions like the convicted who is set free on conditions”. 


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