Theo Pastou age only 8 was the youngest competitor by almost three years  in this year’s Go Karting London cup at Rye House Hoddesdon which took place on Sunday.

Although he has currently accumulated many wins already in this year’s cadet club series and is currently in contention for the win of the championship, this was his first ever MSA event and it just so happened to be one of the biggest events of the year.

Theo had an amazing morning  of qualifying sessions that saw him end up in the finals, he was up amongst Britain’s top drivers including the current British champion, and all being over 3 years older than him.

He fought hard throughout the race and his friends and family watched in surprise as he made his way through the field. He ended up with a time of 41.99 which was his personal best and only 0.84 seconds behind this year’s winners best time.

Theo went on to win this year’s top novice award to add to his cupboard of trophies for this year. He is going to be yet another Cypriot to watch out for  years to come.


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