Significant research results in the field of embryology with potential applications in treating cancer, were published by a research team of the University of Cyprus in the scientific journal “Development”.

According to a press release by the University of Cyprus’ Department of Biological Sciences, the research team under Assistant Professor Dr Paris Skourides, succeeded in achieving the synthesis of protein inhibitor of Focal Adhesion Kinase-(FAK).

The research, funded by the Research Promotion Foundation, found that FAK is involved in cases of congenital fetal anomalies or death, given that 21% of fatal deaths in humans are caused by developmental abnormalities incompatible with life.

In addition, the protein under study is involved in carcinogenesis in terms of both tumor growth, and metastasis.

Previous research showed that by inhibiting the activity of FAK reduces tumor growth and partially suppresses metastasis.

The University of Cyprus’ research shows that the new inhibitor is far more active than the existing ones and suppresses a wider range of FAK activities.

The press release notes that a new research is underway which aims to investigate the possible use of the inhibitor for the suppression of cancer.

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