Police have said they are investigating a possible case of espionage in which two men were found in possession of documents belonging to former Interior Minister Eleni Mavrou.

A police spokesman said that the two men, one with a Greek pasport and the other a Georgian who entered Cyprus illegally, offered the explanation, that they had picked up a recycle plastic bag containing old newspapers because one of them, who is a painter, needed them for his job.

The spokesman said the bag was found in their car when they were intercepted by police for a routine check.

They were remanded in custody as the bag also contained personal documents belonging to the former minister.

Police are investigating the case to establish whether it is connected with old threatening electronic messages.

Mavrou said the documents had been put in the bag for recycling. She hopes that the case is no more than a bad coincidence.

Head of the Central Information Agency Andreas Pentaras told our station that the legal framework of the agency’s actions will be amended in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office.

He disclosed that the draft bill will be ready within days and sent for an opinion, before submitted to the cabinet.

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