Limassol and Larnaca districts suffered serious problems due to flash floods and hailstones yesterday.

The Larnaca district saw torrential rains beat down on the area for more than two hours at midday, resulting in the river Pentaschinos in the Ayios Theodoros community overflowing, causing the village to literally divide in two.

Community head Lazaros Pieri said the village will not survive heavy rainfall this winter if the situation stays the same. He said he sent warning letters to the authorities after the devastating summer fires, asking them to send people to clean the river beds.

The deputy head of the Ayios Theodoros local council Leontios Stavrou said there was concern in the village after the surrounding mountains were all burnt by the fires, leaving little vegetation to hold the rainfall. He said yesterday’s rainfall reached around 2.5 metres and almost threatened to engulf a newly built house in the village.

Elsewhere, the heavy rain caused fields in Skarinou and Chirokitia to flood, causing damage to crops while the Kiti-Mazotos road was also flooded, making it inaccessible for motorists.

By early afternoon, a heavy hailstorm caused damage to crops in the communities of Eptagonias and Kellaki in the Limassol district.

Excavators had to be used to remove earth and stones on the village roads as a result of the bad weather.

Cyprus Mail

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