The Investigation Committee that probed Cyprus’ economic debacle delivered on Saturday its report.

President of the Committee, George Pikis, handed the report over to Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Theodosis Tsiolas, who is expected to deliver it to the President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades, on his return to Cyprus from the US.

The testimonies of key witnesses as well as the findings of the Committee are analyzed in this 280 page report.

In statements following the delivery of the report, Pikis said that the position of the Committee is that the report should be made public, noting however this is for the Cabinet to decide.

He also said that the report is accompanied with a letter addressed to the Cabinet.

Excluded from international markets since May 2011, Cyprus requested and received a €10 billion financial assistance package from the Troika (EC, ECB, IMF).

The package featured a sizeable reduction of the island’s banking sector, as well as bail-in of uninsured deposits, which hampered the services sector, one of the island’s main source of income.

The Investigation Committee appointed in March by the Cabinet to probe into possible civil, criminal or political liabilities concerning developments in Cyprus’ economy and banking sector is chaired by Pikis, a former Supreme Court President and former member of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Two more members include Supreme Court Judge Andreas Kramvis and former Cyprus Ombudsman and former judge Eliana Nicolaou

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