International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) is searching a 48 year-old Bulgarian, a 58 year-old Tunisian and 64 year-old Greek, accused of fraud amounting to over EUR 260,000, received in exchange for promises of guaranteed employment abroad.

The fraud-scheme promised unemployed Cypriots a secure work in France. The scandal of the phantom recruitment agency swept through the island 10 days ago, when a first group of 75 people returned from Lille, France with the help of the Embassy of Cyprus after not finding the promised work.

Local police says that the workers would-be victims of the crime are at least 423 persons. They have signed a contract with a phantom broker firm and paid in advance EUR 620 to go to work in a construction in France.

According to the police, the criminal mastermind is the Tunisian man, called Mohamed. The other two, thus including the Bulgarian suspect, were his associates.

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