THERE is no end in sight for a Gloucester family’s battle to see medical institutes brought to justice in Cyprus following the death of Kalisha Gordon.

The 21-year-old died in a Cypriot hospital in 2008 following complications caused by an ectopic pregnancy.

  1. £31,000 costs and rising but no end in sight in justicee for Kalisha

  2. Fundraiser:    Kalisha's family at the event.

    Fundraiser: Kalisha’s family at the event.

 Her dad, Lloyd, took five trips to Cyprus in five months to attend an inquest into his daughter’s death where an alleged cover up by the medical authorities was revealed.

Kalisha’s friends and family rallied round this month to help raise funds to help with legal and travel costs incurred by the Gordons.

 A Jamaican themed party held at Voltage in Brunswick Road collected £1,050.

But just as Kalisha’s parents were preparing to fly out for their latest court appearance, they were told the hearing was to be delayed.

Lloyd, a bricklayer by trade, has been working seven days a week to help pay for expensive travel and legal costs they have accumulated over the past five years.

So far, the total has hit £31,000.

“We were in total shock when we heard it had been postponed again,” he said.

“The Attorney General in Cyprus has resigned so we are still in limbo about where we go now.

“It has been five long hard years fundraising and campaigning.

“I would say it has almost been impossible to get basic respect, let alone justice from the authorities in Cyprus.

“Kalisha died needlessly and the medical institute has ignored my letters asking for a meeting, so we can prevent this nightmare from ever happening to another family.

“The authorities have dragged it out, thinking we would go away. Instead it has made us more determined, we all need to learn from this otherwise Kalisha’s life was lost in vain.”

Evidence revealed doctors were at fault with further questions raised about Kalisha’s medical records and changes made to her notes.

A judge asked the Attorney General to reinvestigate the case and the Gordon family pushed for a criminal prosecution.

The Gordons remain hopeful of taking the Republic of Cyprus to the European Court of Human Rights and have also pleaded for help from the British Government.

Unable to change their flights, Jayne and Lloyd will fly out this week to Larnaca and Nicosia for the latest round of talks with their Cypriot legal team.

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