Cyprus that finds itself in the midst of a severe financial crisis turns to friends like China to help the country’s recovery, Defense Minister Fotis Fotiou said in his speech on the occasion of the National Day of China on 1st October.

“Regrettably, Cyprus finds itself in the midst of a severe financial crisis, which the people of Cyprus are called upon to confront. During times like these, we aspire to friends like China to help us advance, once again towards prosperous times”, he said in a reception held in Chinese Embassy in Nicosia.

Fotiou also expressed Cyprus’ deepest gratitude and appreciation for the steady support that China has been providing as regards to Cyprus national problem, supporting the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Cyprus.

Pointing out that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cyprus and People’s Republic of China in December 1971, the relationship between the two countries has been thriving, he said that this relation can be described as cordial but also promising. Without exaggeration, he added, a very strong bond of friendship has been created between our two countries, an unbreakable cord, which can and will be further strengthened.

“Cyprus and China have developed a common understanding and share mutual   concerns over a number of crucial issues that confront the world, whether they involve regional or international issues,” he said.

The Minister conveyed the “warmest and sincere greetings of the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr Nicos Anastasiades, to the President of the People’s Republic of China Mr XI Jinping, as well as his wishes for the happiness and the prosperity of the Chinese people”.

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