Greece may have won the court battle to secure the exclusive name feta on a European level, but stands a chance of losing it around the world.

The risk of losing the European right for the exclusive use of the name feta, is due to Canada’s relentless trade war against Greece to win the label “feta”  for its dairy products internationally.

That is the political conclusion reached on September 4 at a European Commission meeting in view of the forthcoming negotiations between the EU and Canada over a free trade agreement.

The committee reached a consensus considered rather harmful for Greece. The EU delegation will call on Canadians not to use the name Greek feta on their dairy products, allowing them however to use the label feta.

If the agreement with Canada is to be finalized, Canadians will be given the right to make cheese exports within the EU by using the name feta. Other major feta producing countries, such as Turkey could rely on Canada’s case demanding similar treatment regarding their future agreements with the EU.

Greek Reporter

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