The head of the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta) Stathis Kittis was rushed to hospital on Monday after complaining of feeling unwell.
Kitts who is currently in police custody in connection with the Dromolaxia property fraud investigation was admitted to Nicosia General Hospital where he is to undergo tests.
Also in custody is the boss of Cyta trade union (EPOET) Orestis Vasiliou, Senior Cyta Marketing Manager Yiannis Souroullas and his brother Cytavision head Gregoris Souroullas. They all face charges of conspiracy to commit a crime, bribery, fraud and abuse of authority.
An investigative committee was appointed in June to probe allegations that a Turkish Cypriot owned property in Dromolaxia had been fraudulently purchased by a Greek Cypriot businessman and later sold to the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CyTA) Pension Fund.
Officials from the Cyprus Intelligence Agency (KYP) are also under investigation on suspicion that they forged documentation to facilitate the illegal land purchase in Larnaca.

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