Cyprus is safe from the possibility of an attack from Syria and the police have taken all necessary security measures, Minister of Justice and Public Order Ionas Nicolaou assured, on Tuesday.

In statements he made to the press during his visit at the Emergency Response Unit headquarters, in Nicosia, Nicolaou explained that the police have put in place all necessary planning, so that specific action plans on possible targets or areas in need of extra protection will be implemented.

These include embassies and other areas frequented by people who come from Arab countries and areas, which are connected to the west and countries which have stated their support to a possible operation in Syria.

Replying to a question as to whether there has been any communication with the British bases on the island he pointed out that the ministry is in touch with all necessary people or bodies who can contribute to the country’s and the people’s safety.

“On the part of the police all necessary measures are being taken”, he Nicolaou said, adding that the police has coordinated with all relevant government departments so that any action taken on managing an influx of people fleeing Syria as well as in relation to facing other possible dangers can be timely and effective.

He continued to say that the whole situation has been reviewed and it seems that there is no particular cause for concern.

An operation in Syria is not expected to create problems for Cyprus, he concluded.

On Saturday, Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides said that Cyprus is ready to undertake the responsibility of acting as a shelter in the evacuation of foreign nationals from the Middle East region. “This is the capacity that we want to safeguard and we have received assurances that its territory will not be used as a launching pad”, he stressed.

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