Government Spokesman Christos Stilianides clarified Monday that Cyprus will not be, under any circumstances, a base for military operations or the target of attacks in relation to the crisis in Syria,

“Any contribution of Cyprus is limited, purely, to the humanitarian part and it is made clear that under no circumstances it will constitute a base for military operations or the target of attacks, as was the clear assurances received by the Cypriot Government,” he said.

He also pointed out that Cyprus is a safe destination and a center of stability in the region with a significant and active role in the provision of humanitarian aid and facilities to foreign nationals who are seeking a safe haven during crises in the region.

“In previous years it was proved in practice that Cyprus is a safe destination and that it can play a stabilizing and humanitarian role in the south-eastern Mediterranean and Middle East,” he added.

Stilianides also noted that a significant number of countries have called on Cyprus to contribute to this end and to host their citizens that might need humanitarian assistance, saying that this proves the stability and security offered by Cyprus as a humanitarian destination and the recognition and trust it receives from the international community.

“The Republic of Cyprus is fully prepared to provide the facilities needed both in relation to infrastructure and human resources,” he concluded.

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