The Cyprus  party AKEL is calling on the people to rise up and take part in two demonstrations during the next week to protest the potential war against Syria and the unpopular policies implemented by the government and Troika.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, head of the party’s office of international and European affairs, Costas Christodoulides called on the public to take party in an anti-war rally with the Pancyprian Peace Council on Monday, September 9.

“The majority of international opinion is against any military intervention by the USA or NATO in Syria which would lead to Cyprus’ indirect involvement and could possibly lead to a negative impact on Cypriot people,” he said.

This Thursday the party is also calling on the people to meet outside parliament at 4pm to protest the unpopular measures which have been implemented by the government and Troika.

In a party statement, AKEL called on the public to resist moves by the government and other political parties that have come up with new legislation to tax first homes. “It is a measure that affects the middle and lower classes, as well as the proposed changes to the cooperatives, which for decades have done their utmost to meet basic needs of workers and people,” the statement said.

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  1. mike koutsofta says:

    No Country has the right to interfere in Syria. Leave it to the Arab League to resolve.

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