Cyprus is a safe destination and a centre of stability and peace, Defence Minister Photis Photiou has said, adding that there must be no concern or panic due to a possible military attack against Syria.

In statements on Monday, and responding to questions on the issue, Photiou said that ‘we are taking all the necessary measures’.

He noted that ‘currently we are focusing on the humanitarian aspect of the whole issue, with a view to help and provide facilities to citizens of foreign countries who wish to use Cyprus.’

Invited to comment on reports in the foreign press about Cyprus involvement in a possible military attack against Syria, Photiou said that all these reports are exaggerating.
‘If Cyprus was not a safe destination then it would not be chosen by all the countries which have asked for facilities to evacuate their citizens,’ he added.
Responding to another question, Photiou reiterated that there have been assurances that Cyprus will not be used as a base to launch military operations or attacks. ‘And it will not become a target and this is crystal clear,’ he added.
He noted that reports in the foreign press are exaggerating and everyone should be cautious on how they are assessed and reproduced.
He further noted that we are still in the peak tourist season in Cyprus, as September and October are very important months as regards tourism, and that there must be no panic due to the foreign press reports.

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