Authorities will investigate claims by Akel that fascist groups in Cyprus are operating military-style training camps on the island, Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou said yesterday.
Nicolaou said a file containing photographs of alleged camps linked to Greece’s far-right organisation Golden Dawn will be examined by the police before a course of action is determined.
“These claims are being investigated and if they are founded, those guilty will be brought before justice.”
Asked if the authorities at present hold any concrete evidence to the existence of fascist training camps on the island, the minister said the probe is still at an early stage.
“The photographs alone are not evidence but do require further investigation. Evidence is currently being examined by the Legal Services which will determine whether any crimes have been committed.”
The minister added that there is currently no evidence linking Cyprus-based far-right National People’s Front (ELAM) with the allegations.
“The priority at this stage is to investigate whether the photographs, which depict people, places and activities, are in any way linked to fascist movements. I am also discussing the matter with the Chief of Police in order to determine how best to proceed.”
Akel leader Andros Kyprianou warned against the rise of neo-fascist movements on the island and urged the authorities to take measures to stamp out extremist groups promoting racism.
Greece has suspended several senior police officers and launched an investigation into possible police links with Golden Dawn, after the killing of an anti-racism rapper raised concerns about the force.

Cyprus Weekly

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