A man of 34 was jailed for 25 years on Thursday for the fatal shooting of a fellow villager and the attempted murder of four others.
Prodromos Hadjipanayis, from Kofinou village in Larnaca, had shot 54-year-old Panicos Stavrou before turning his Kalazshnikov assault rifle on the man’s son Georgios. He then marched to a nearby Miliotis supermarket where he gunned down owners Adamos Miliotis and Panayiotis Miliotis and 34-year-old Katerina Hadjikoumparou who all survived the attack.
Hadjipanayis and the father and son had been locked in a dispute over a piece of land which Hadjipanayis was living on and of which he had been told by a court that he had to move out of.
Enraged, the shooter took vengeance on the two as they began to tear through the property prompting Hadjipanayis to go on his gun attack. He turned his attention on the supermarket owners who he believed had also had a hand in him before forced out of the house.
A Larnaca Criminal Court judge yesterday informed him that his fit of rage may have played a role in the attack but it couldn’t hide the fact that a person’s life had been lost.
Hadjipanayis’ defence team had argued that his client was psychologically unstable something that was not disputed by the court.

Cyprus Weekly

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