Bill Avlonitis, widely known in China as the king of “souvla” is a Greek who did not hesitate to seek his fortune in two continents before he became the one to teach the Chinese how to grill.

Avlonitis, , was born in Greece and later migrated to Australia where he became an Australian citizen after some years. For the last 20 years Bill has lived in China fulfilling his dream to produce the best possible products in BBQ Spit Charcoal Rotisserie and BBQ accessories.

As part of the Greek culture, spit cooking is a very healthy way to cook meat. Bill wanted to continue the Greek tradition so all people could enjoy this healthy style of cooking. For Bill it is not only the style of cooking that can be enjoyed, but mostly the social interaction when family and friends get together. The meat is cooked in front of everyone in an outdoor area where people interact in relaxed conversation and enjoy each others’ company.

Uncle Bill, as friends call him, continues to design and produce  rotisserie barbecues with the help of his team. The main factory is in the Chaoshan area with offices in Shenzhen Guangdong province PR of China

Uncle Bill has been committed to the development of the Rotisserie BBQ Souvla since 1994. With his team of Greek, Cypriot and Chinese engineers and chefs he continues to improve his products and personally tests every new model to ensure customer satisfaction with his products for the mass markets.

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