As Britain continues to bask in the late summer sunshine, yet another story has emerged from America to warn us of the dangers of leaving children in hot cars without ventilation.

In the latest tragedy, a three-year-old boy died from hyperthermia – overheating – after being left in his dad’s sweltering pick-up truck for FOUR hours in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana.

The little boy’s body temperature was 42C when it taken at a hospital’s casualty department where doctors failed to revive the child. The high temperature in the town on Friday was 35C, but inside the truck it was estimated to be an astonishing 48C.

Police said the boy would normally have been dropped off at a day care centre and that the father didn’t realise the child was still in the truck when he arrived at work about 10.30am. A co-worker found the boy about four hours later and alerted police.

The boy’s father has not been charged but officials say the investigation is ongoing.

Each year, more than 30 children die from heat stroke in America after being left unattended inside vehicles, according to the site, which has been documenting the problem.


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