Civic, business and political leaders of the two communities assembled on Monday at the Home for Cooperation to discuss the question: “How can an inclusive approach help the Cyprus Peace Process?”

According to a press release, participants were presented a research conducted by the “The Center for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development” (SeeD), which highlighted public demand for a more inclusive peace process. They also discussed ideas to be further developed during a forum, which they will attend in Malta next week.

These events follow on from a series of workshops in June 2013, when leading peace negotiators visited Cyprus to discuss the benefits and challenges of participatory peace processes. These visitors included Northern Irish MP Jeffrey Donaldson and Roelf Meyer from South Africa, both of whom acted as senior negotiators in their respective countries.

All of these events form part of the “Participatory Peacemaking Initiative”, supported by UNDP-ACT and the peace-building organisation ENGI, as well as the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the press release concludes.

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