A Cypriot man from Lythrodontas, Peter Christianson of Greek City 1st cousin, SIMOS SIMIONIDES has received one of the highest accolades in the USA. Simos was made a member of the Institute de Droit International. Justice and peace – is the slogan of this nongovernmental organization of lawyers, founded in 1873 in Belgium. The Belgian lawyer Gustave Rolin-Jaequemyns was the initiator, and the aim was to build an international institute which would be an authority on international law.

The organization he created is still working to make the rules of international law, not war and violence, the guidelines for relations between sovereign states. The award given to Simos is respected as an equal to the Nobel Peace Prize – only 4 other Americans have been given this award since it began 140 years ago & this 5th one happens to be Cypriot born: Simos has been teaching in America since 1978 & was a Principle since then.

Simos is the dean of the Willamette University College of Law in Salem, Oregon, United States. The Cyprusborn legal scholar is also President of the American Society of Comparative Law

He has 5 diplomas of Law, two of which are teaching and one from Harvard University. He has been acknowledged with writing 122 legal points, 24 books: his last book is going to be released at the Oxford University this year. Recently he took 6 months off his work to help solve the Cypriot problems & worked alongside the President for a solution. Cyprus should be proud of a man like this who was legal adviser to Bill Clinton in his Presidential years and who started life in a small village in Cyprus.


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